By selecting on ‘Namelists’ on the tree in the left window, you can have view of Namelists in the right hand window.



Right clicking on ‘Namelists’ will bring up a popup menu with the following options.



New Namelist:


By clicking on ‘New Namelist’, a new window is displayed with default properties of a new namelist. You may want to change the desired fields properties and save it by clicking on ‘Ok’ or cancel by clicking on ‘Cancel’.



Refreshing all namelists:


You can refresh properties of all the namelists three ways.


a)     By right clicking on ‘Namelists’…

b)     By clicking on ‘Refresh’ button on the toolbar at the top when ‘Namelists’ is selected in the tree.

c)     By selecting ‘View’ and then ‘Refresh’ from the top menu when ‘Namelists’ is selected in the

Actions on Namelists:


By right clicking on any namelist in the right window, it displays a popup menu containing following options.



Properties                         This option brings up another window with properties of the current namelist. You may view/change these properties.


Delete Namelist            The current namelist is deleted with this option.


Refresh Namelist         The current namelist is refreshed for latest properties.