You can have channels view by clicking on ‘Channels’ on the tree in left hand window. When you select Channels view, a Channel Panel containing 7 buttons will be visible on the tool bar at the top.



All the channels running will be having Green colored icons. Stopped channels will be red and Retrying channels will be yellow.


Unlike other tools, in WMQTool you can view all the Channel Definition and Channel Status properties simultaneously on the same row. You can do any of the action Start, Stop, Ping, Reset or Resolve from this view just by right clicking on the channel. You can find the IP addresses of the connected client machines to any Server Connection channel in the field 'ConnectedBy'.


New Channels:


By right clicking on ‘Channels’ on left window, you will get a popup menu which allows you to create new channels of following types.


Select the one you wish to create and a new window will be opened up having all default properties pertaining to that type of channel. If you want to just copy this new channel from any existing one, select the old channel in 'Copy from' drop down list. WMQTool will copy all the properties except the name of the selected channel in the new one. Otherwise, enter the desired properties into the fields and hit ‘Ok’ to create the new channel or ‘Cancel’ to abort.




Refreshing all channels:


To refresh all the properties of all the channels,

You can refresh properties of all the channels three ways.



Actions on Channels:


Right clicking on any of the channel on right hand window will bring up the following options in a popup menu.



Start                                   This option starts a stopped or inactive channel. Once the channel is running, the icon turns out to be green.

Stop                                    This option stops a channel. Stopped channel is having red icon in front of it.



Ping                                   Sender channel, Server channel or Cluster Sender channel, if not running can be tested for pinging by this option. 

Reset                                 Any channel except Server Connection channel can be Reset by this option.

Resolve                              Sender channel, Server channel or Cluster Sender channel can be Resolved by this option.

Refresh Channel                  The current channel will be refreshed for its latest properties.

Delete Channel                   The current channel will be deleted.



Properties                          You can view/change properties of the current channel.