WMQTool 9.1!


WMQTool is an all-purpose graphical tool designed to work upon IBM Corporationís Websphere MQ (formerly MQSeries) products. It is developed in JDK 1.8.0 and above.  It covers many of the unique features that a Websphere MQ System Administrator requires for administering and monitoring all Websphere MQ objects in the entire network.




We are pleased to announce the lanuch of our new product WMQMsgTool. This is a part of the very famous WebSphere MQ administration tool,  WMQTool, with only message handling and manipulating capabilities. It will fulfill the requirements of many users who do not need the full fledged WebSphere MQ administration tool like WMQTool, but only want to deal with the messages.


Now you can turn the cluster queue visibility on and off through a toggling button in the queue pannel on the tool bar at the top.


Want to view in the documentation ? Click on any of the following links.

To view all the features provided in WMQTool, please click on Features. I strongly recommend all users to view all the features available in WMQTool to avail maximum use of WMQTool.

There are lot more enhancements coming up in future releases. Please feel free to send an email to register yourself for automatic notification of future releases of WMQTool.

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Last updated on Aug 27 2018